BellaBot is a premium robot attendant. Communication in Estonian and the menu in Estonian make communicating with BellaBot and handling the robot easy. Thanks to its user-friendly design, child-friendly appearance and many voice functions, BellaBot offers customers an innovative food delivery experience.

Purchase price with 1-year warranty 12,900 EUR. The warranty can be extended up to 4 years for an additional fee.

Rental price for a period of 4 years 369 EUR/month (includes a 4-year warranty)

VAT is not included.

BellaBot makes your restaurant unique!

What makes BellaBot great?

AI Speech Module. The added AI voice module supports hundreds of exclusive dialogues that make interactions with BellaBot more interesting.

3D multi-directional obstacle avoidance. For greater safety BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors. It can stop at any angle and move away as soon as it encounters obstacles.

A solution for every situation

Depending on the situation, BellaBot offers two SLAM navigation solutions that are both accurate and easy to use. BellaBot Standard (Visual SLAM) AND BellaBot Advanced (Laser-SLAM).

Scheduler – with the help of a wireless network, robots can also communicate with each other in the room and use the most optimal and fastest movement trajectories between the customer and the service provider.

How can BellaBot help your business?

  • Communicating with light. Different tasks trigger the corresponding light effect.
  • Tap for feedback. Touch-sensitive surfaces make the interaction experience between BellaBot and human-robot more extensive.
  • Clever expressions. Original voices make BellaBot more emotionally diverse and make you feel that you are interacting with a real “cat”.
  • BellaBot has an innovative user-friendly and child-friendly design.


Size:565 x 537 x 1290mm
Weight:57 kg
Materials used:Aeronautical grade aluminum alloy
Charging time:4.5 h
Battery life:12-24 h
Speed:0.5-1.2 m/s
Carrying capacity:Max 40kg, 10kg per tray