With its compact design, KettyBot is most innovative marketer. Advertising campaigns and product presentations are perfect for this little fellow. Performs several tasks at the same time: marketing in stores, delivering products, advertising platform, guiding people. You can easily generate ad content and set the frequency of ads.

KettyBot is a cost-effective, high-tech product that offers top-notch experience in a variety of challenging situations.

Purchase price with 1-year warranty 7,800 EUR. The warranty can be extended up to 4 years for an additional fee.

Rental price for a period of 4 years 229 EUR/month (includes a 4-year warranty)

VAT is not included.

What makes KettyBot great?

Motion Mode/Driving Mode KettyBot can drive in certain areas to offer customers free snacks and drinks accompanied by advertisements for products and promotions.

Automatic charging function for all-day service. The robot automatically gives a voice warning and a user interface message when the battery is about to run out and starts charging itself.

Delivery to several tables at once. With precise positioning and optimal path planning, several tables can be served at the same time.

Collaboration with multiple robots. The PUDU Scheduler system allows you to communicate directly with any robot that is on the same network.

Automatic route planning. The laser and visual dual navigation solution helps identify obstacles more accurately, making the robot safer to use.

Different color solutions. KettyBot is available in white and yellow.

How can KettyBot help your business?

  • Your doorman. Thanks to autonomous route planning, the robot can guide customers to the table, providing a better customer experience and reducing the workload of waiters. 3 metal trays/ 42*50cm
  • A new way to impress customers with AI voice communication. KettyBot greets passing customers and intelligently interacts with them by activating the screen. Cute and smart KettyBot always attracts attention.
  • Marketing campaigns on wheels. KettyBot has a centrally placed screen for displaying advertisements, which is ideal for the transmission of advertising materials/campaigns and provides a new innovative approach to marketing communication.


Size:451 x 436 x 1103 mm
Weight:38 kg
Charging time:4,5 h
Battery life:8 h
Speed:1.2 m/s
Carrying capacity:Max 30 kg
Advertising screen size:18 inches