PuduBot 2

PuduBot 2 is the most innovative and intelligent robot for delivering food and other products to customers. PuduBot 2 receives commands received from distance, collects food or items, reducing so contact between people.

What makes PuduBot great?

PUDU SLAM. Sense of the environment. Pudu Slam allows our robots to move in rooms using camera, radar and laser. Using these multiple systems together ensures that the robot performs its tasks more efficiently in a changing environment.

Seeing is believing. PuduBot’s new VSLAM solution offers more accurate positioning and more stable operations.

Visual positioning. A new visual solution. More precise positioning.

New suspension. Can handle various bumps with ease. More stable work and operations.

Environmental perception and obstacle avoidance. The possibility of bumping to the hanging objects or other obstacles in the blind area is significantly small. In addition to Lidar, there are several visual sensors that allow the robot to switch from 2D detection to 3D environmental detection.

How can PuduBot help your company?

  • Interactive light strip. Clearer instructions for use. Lidar. A new generation radar. More efficient SLAM mapping.
  • Visual positioning. A new visual solution. More precise positioning.
  • Trackable 3D obstacle avoidance. 3D vision sensors . More secure delivery.
  • Full aluminum frame. Aviation grade aluminum alloy. A more stable structure.
  • Adjustable base. 3 metal trays/ 42*50cm.


Size:516 x 500 x 1288 mm
Weight:35 kg
Materials used:Aeronautical grade aluminum alloy
Charging time:4 h
Battery life:10-24 h
Speed:0.5-1.2 m/s
Carrying capacity:Max 30 kg, 8 kg per tray
Tray size:422 x 422 x 710 mm