Hackers in Russia are not just keen on leveraging ChatGPT to write pieces of malicious code but have
also succeeded in bypassing the geofencing meant to keep them away from the platform.

ChatGPT, the chatbot launched by OpenAI to demonstrate the advances made in artificial intelligence (AI)
research, has become famous thanks to its conversational tone of interacting with the user. However, dig a
little deeper, and the bot can help you write college essays, poems for a loved one, and even short stories to
tingle your imagination.

However, hackers in Russia have gone a bit too far with theirs and used the chatbot to write malicious code.
That ChatGPT could help write software code, perhaps better than an entry-level programmer, was well known.
That hackers could use it to write malicious pieces of code was probably even anticipated but that they would
achieve it so soon was something that wasn’t expected.

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