Agility Robotics has introduced a next-generation robot, complete with a cylindrical head and two animated LED eyes. According to the company, the added elements improve the interaction between humans and robots.

The headless model Digit was first launched in 2020 and was intended to work in logistics, industrial inspections and as a remote advertiser. Digit is designed to work in the same area and take up as much space as humans, which is why the machine is 175 cm tall and walks on two legs.

According to a company representative, the robot’s sensor-equipped head should make it easier for people to understand what Digit is doing, as its eyes help convey useful information such as changing direction and other actions during operation. The arms also got a new design, which should make it easier to carry boxes used in warehouses.

Currently, Digit’s capabilities are quite limited. He can walk, step over curbs, squat, and do other simple tasks, but his main job is to pick up and put down different types of objects weighing up to 35 pounds.

Source: The Verge