Google will unveil several AI updates at its annual developer conference I/O on May 10, including updates to the public domain large language model PaLM 2 and updates to its AI search engine Bard.

According to internal Google I/O documents, PaLM 2 includes more than 100 languages ​​and has operated under the code name “Unified Language Model” until now. This model has also completed a wide range of coding and math tests, as well as creative writing tests and analyses.

Google’s artificial intelligence updates are very important for the company at the moment, as Microsoft steps up with its OpenAI solutions and it shakes Google’s leading position in the search engine market.

Last month, Google said its medical language model LLM called “Med-PaLM 2” can answer medical exam questions at the level of an expert doctor and is accurate 85 percent of the time.

Source: CNBC