Fast-food chain Wendy’s is partnering with Google to create an artificial intelligence chatbot that will take orders from customers at the company’s drive-in line. The first trial sites are planned to open in June.

The chatbot will begin taking verbal orders from drive-in customers in the hopes it will help cut down on long wait times. The chatbot was built on Google’s Large Language Model (LLM). The restaurant robot is part of Google’s larger plan, as its cloud unit sells the idea of ​​companies ordering their own models built on their own data for various purposes.

Google’s AI is enhanced with restaurant lingo, such as knowing that “milkshake” means “Frosty” and “JBC” is short for “junior bacon cheeseburger.” As soon as the chatbot accepts the customer’s order, it appears on the chefs’ screen. The employee then delivers the finished meals to customers at the pick-up window, just like any other order.

Source: The Verge