Leaked internal Amazon documents point to new AI technology called Burnham, which could the home robot Astro much smarter.

Burnham is Amazon’s secretive new AI robot project, which documents say will add an intelligent conversational voice interface to a smart home robot.

Equipped with new technology, Astro can use large language models to help it understand the context of the household and respond appropriately. The new technology remembers seen and understandable situations, and the robot can then participate in a dialogue of questions and answers about what it saw using artificial intelligence supported by LLMs.

The leaked documents describe a Burnham-equipped product that can find a stove that’s been left on or a faucet and find the owner to alert them. The robot can check on someone who has fallen and call the helpline in an emergency. The robot can also help find your keys and check if the window has been left open at night.

The new Burnham AI robot isn’t going on sale anytime soon. Amazon admits in the documents that there is still a long way to go before Burnham can be integrated into a real product.

Source: The Verge