AI language models are trained on very large amounts of text, but the amount of context they can process at once is usually limited. For ChatGPT, it’s about 3000 words. AI startup Anthropic has massively expanded the context of its chatbot, Claude, to about 75,000 words.

This is enough, for example, to process the book The Great Gatsby ta galnce. The company edited a sentence in the book and asked Claude to identify the change. The bot did it in 22 seconds.

The more powerful Claude is initially only available to Anthropic’s business customers who use the chatbot through the company’s API. The pricing is also still unknown, but considering the noticeable increase in computing power, the price will probably increase at the same pace.

Anthropic notes that while it takes a person about five hours to read a 75,000-word text, Claude bot can summarize the same length of text in minutes.

Source: The Verge