Intrinsic, the robotics arm of Google parent Alphabet, unveiled its first product Flowstate, an intuitive web-based development environment for building robotics applications from concept to deployment. Currently in beta, Flowstate is initially available to a small select group of developers.

The Intrinsic team is working to make advanced robotics and artificial intelligence easy to use, including for non-experts. The company’s products are also designed with future roboticists and developers in mind, bringing modern software development practices such as object-oriented and visual programming to the robotics and automation industry.

Flowstate makes it easier for developers to work more smoothly with different types of hardware and software – thus accelerating the creation of all kinds of new solutions related to industrial robotics.

The advantage of Flowstate is the ability to start without deep knowledge. Intrinsic Flowstate includes a graphical process builder that removes the need for extensive programming experience, giving developers the tools to get up and running quickly.

Source: Intrinsic