In addition to using an artificial intelligence chatbot, fast food chain Wendy’s plans to use a system of underground tunnels equipped with robots to deliver online orders. The system, created in cooperation with the company Pipedream, will take food from the kitchens through the tunnels to the lockers next to the parking spaces.

Upon arrival, the customer confirms his order in front of the selected cabinet without leaving the car and the kitchen then sends the order to the selected cabinet in the parking lot. According to a Wendy’s representative, the Pipedream system uses temperature-controlled delivery technology to help prevent food from cooling or getting too warm during transport.

According to Matt Spessard, Chief Technology Officer at Wendy’s, they are excited to be the first fast food restaurant to partner with Pipedream, using their unique delivery technology and system, as the preference for mobile ordering increases. The new approach aims to reinvent digital reception venues to bring their restaurants
to more people faster and more efficiently.

The first restaurant with a tunnel system is planned to open at the end of this year.

Source: The Verge