Google has created the app MusicLM, whose artificial intelligence engine creates songs based on given text. MusicLM creates two versions of a song. Users can then listen to both versions and give the best sounding one a trophy. This is said to help the AI ​​model improve its ability to create music.

Product managers Kristin Yim and Hema Manickavasagam announced on the company’s blog that registration for using MusicLM has begun. Initially, you will go on a waiting list. The app, described as an experimental tool, can turn text prompts into music. For example, if you type in “Soulful jazz for a dinner party,” that’s the kind of track that will be generated.

The concept behind the app isn’t much different from how Google or Microsoft’s chatbots work. You enter something into a field and AI generates a result.

Google says it has tried to make the tool a responsible innovation, working with musicians and holding workshops to see how the technology can empower the creative process.

Source: Google Blog