Boston Dynamics released a new video in which it showed its famous robot dog Spot new capabilities in performing dangerous and routine autonomous inspections.

The company added a brand new set of features and hardware to Spot. Critical industrial tasks such as thermal monitoring, acoustic leak detection and gauge reading are now easier to perform. The software’s new features allow you to quickly schedule and edit tasks remotely. Added visual and audio features help the robot signal its intentions, improving safety in busy or crowded workplaces.

Compressed air leaks on production lines and unplanned equipment outages in a factory can cost thousands or even millions of dollars per day. Customers like GlobalFoundries, bp and National Grid need to operate at peak efficiency and catch costly leaks early. Boston Dynamics wants that every customer can learn how to work with Spot on the spot in a few hours and to start creating value already in the first week of implementation.

Check out the video to see what the new Spot brings to the industry.

Source: Boston Dynamics