According to Paul McCartney, artificial intelligence tools helped save John Lennon’s voice, which is used on the last album of the iconic band The Beatles. The album will see the light of day at the end of this year. According to McCartney, artificial intelligence was used to extract Lennon’s voice from a low-quality tape recording.

According to McCartney, the technology developed for the recent Beatles documentary Get Back was able to extract former bandmate John Lennon’s vocals from a low-quality tape recording to create the basis of the song. “We cleaned up John’s voice using AI and mixed the record the normal way,” McCartney said.

Get Back dialogue editor Emile de la Rey developed technology that was able to separate the Beatles’ voices from background noise and instrumentation for the documentary. Similar technology was used on the 2022 remaster of the Beatles’ album Revolver and it allowed McCartney to duet with his late bandmate while touring last year.

Although McCartney does not directly name the new song, BBC News notes that it is likely to be “Now and Then”, which was originally recorded by John Lennon before his death in 1980. The original is believed to have been recorded on a boombox in Lennon’s New York apartment.

Source: The Verge