The Recording Academy has released new rules for the Grammy Awards, including guidelines on the role of artificial intelligence in music creation. According to the rules, only human creators can be nominated for the Grammy Awards. In the absence of a human author, you cannot apply in any category.

However, this does not mean that work containing artificial intelligence components is automatically inappropriate. The rules specify that the human authorship component of a submitted work must be substantial and constitute the majority of the work. The part of artificial intelligence in the candidate works may be marginal, i.e. its participation deserves to be ignored by the evaluators.

The Academy also made changes to the total number of nominees in the top categories, reducing the number of nominees for Album, Song and Record of the Year and Best New Artist from ten to eight.

In addition, a composer must own at least 20 percent of the album to be nominated for Album of the Year. In the past, anyone who contributed to an album – producer, songwriter or performer – was included in the nomination, whether they worked on a single track or the entire album.

Source: Entertainment Weekly