Qibo Robot Company invented QIBBOT, a remote-controlled one-armed boxing robot inspired by the 2011 movie Real Steel, which can react to human movements in just one hundredth of a second.

“Taking inspiration from the movie and inspired by the entertainment value, we decided to see if we could realize the concept of fighting robots in real life,” said a Qibo representative.

To make the film a reality, robots were needed that could work faster than anything invented so far. Remotely controlled robots are already used in surgery and seabed exploration, but all of these devices have a time gap between command and response, typically 100 milliseconds. This doesn’t interfere with careful, deliberate movement in surgery or remote sample collection, but it does detract from the experience of a fast-paced combat game.

Humans are already sensitive to a delay of 10-20 milliseconds. The Qibo team solved this by improving the physical speed of the robot by optimizing the mechanical structure of its arm. Another innovation was made in the software to anticipate the operator’s commands and neutralize the time pass.

Source: The New Scientist