Caltech University has made a new robot that can change its shape and drive, fly or walk according to the need of the moment. The robot is called M4 – Multi-Modal Mobility Morphobot.

Filled with electronics and various motors, the robot decides with the help of an on-board computer what environment it is and takes a new shape accordingly. The university team gave the M4 large wheels that can lift up in seconds, turning into propellers similar to drone rotors. The robot can also use its rotors
climb a steep slope while the rear wheels support this action. If the robot has to cross particularly rough terrain or needs a better view of what’s ahead, it can stand on two wheels and use them as legs instead.

The brain of the robot is Nividia’s miniature computer Jetson Nano CPU. M4 is capable of eight different types of movement and the machine itself can decide which style of movement the given environment requires using artificial intelligence. According to university researchers, the abilities of this robot could be useful, for example, in transporting injured people to hospitals or exploring other planets.

Source: The Verge