Comedian and writer Sarah Silverman and authors Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey sued AI bot developers OpenAI and Meta in a US court, accusing the companies of copyright infringement.

The lawsuits allege that OpenAI ChatGPT and Meta LLaMA were illegally trained using datasets containing their works obtained from shadow library websites such as Bibliotik, Library Genesis, Z-Library and others.

OpenAI’s lawsuit claims that when the chatbot is asked about an author’s work, it summarizes the book. However, according to the authors, this summary is based on illegally obtained sources, in violation of their copyright. According to the plaintiffs, the chatbot never bothered to include copyright information in its information.

The authors say they did not consent to the use of their copyrighted books as training material for corporate AI models. Each of their lawsuits includes six different types of copyright infringement, negligence, unjust enrichment and unfair competition. The authors are seeking statutory damages, return of profits and more.

Source: The Verge