Shutterstock is extending its partnership with OpenAI for six years, allowing the AI ​​company to train its models on Shutterstock’s extensive collection of images, videos, music and metadata.

Shutterstock partnership with OpenAI first started in 2021. Then Shutterstock began allowing the company to use its images to train the DALL-E text-to-image model. Last year, Shutterstock launched a fund to compensate artists when their work is used to train OpenAI models.

Then Shutterstock also integrated the OpenAI image generator directly into its website and banned the sale of AI-generated images that weren’t created using the built-in DALL-E tool. Shutterstock now gives users the ability to edit and change any image in the entire Shutterstock collection. Shutterstock also plans to bring AI features to Giphy, the GIF creation platform it acquired from Meta earlier this year.

For example, rival image database Getty Images has completely banned AI-generated content on its platform. Getty Images has also sued Stability AI, the company behind the AI ​​art tool Stable Diffusion, accusing the latter of illegally copying and manipulating millions of copyrighted images on its website.

Source: The Verge