Google plans to update its virtual assistant with features powered by generative AI. According to a letter sent to Google employees, the company has already begun researching new large language models (LLMs), with the goal of making the assistant on smartphones more like ChatGPT or Bard.

As part of this change, the company will also consolidate the team that previously worked with Assistant. At the moment, it is not yet clear how many employees will be affected. “We remain committed to the Assistant and are optimistic about its bright future,” said Google Assistant Vice President Peeyush Ranjan and the company’s Chief Product Officer Duke Dukellis.

While Google doesn’t specify what features it plans to bring to Assistant, for example, Assistant could use the same technology as its AI chatbot Bard, allowing it to answer questions based on information gathered from the web.

“Hundreds of millions of people use Assistant every month, and we’re committed to providing them with quality experiences,” said Google spokeswoman Jennifer Rodstrom. “We’re excited to explore how LLMs can help us complement and make assistantships even better.”

Source: The Verge