Newegg’s new AI-powered review summaries make it easier to find user feedback when you’re shopping for computer parts and other tech. In addition to providing a brief summary of what people are saying about the product, the AI ​​also picks out pros and cons based on user reviews.

The feature uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology and is located in the “Reviews” tab at the bottom of the product page. There you will see a list of pros and cons that you can click on. This allows you to filter reviews by specific keywords and see where the AI ​​got its information. Below that, you’ll also see an AI-generated summary that combines all the important feedback into a short paragraph.

Other online retailers are experimenting with similar AI applications (for example Amazon). Microsoft began publishing AI-generated review summaries in the Microsoft Store in May and added AI-generated shopping guides to Bing.

Source: The Verge