Aug X has released Augie, an AI-powered video creation platform that includes a voice cloning feature. The app allows users to record their own or someone else’s voice and use it for short videos. Aimed primarily at marketers and social media companies, Augie’s platform allows people to quickly add photos, text and music to video content without having to learn audio and video editing.

Aug X founder Jeremy Toeman said the company wanted to add the voice cloning feature after realizing some people didn’t like speaking into a microphone or recording voice calls. “You’d be surprised by the number of people who have used our voice cloning feature and come up to us and say thank you because they didn’t like recording the narration,” he says.

Users can either write or upload a script to Augie and then use a pre-recorded voice or choose one from their own library. This voice then reads the script in different tones – serious, enthusiastic, creepy and can be adjusted depending on the mood of the video.

Users can also choose photos from their collection to accompany the video or use AI-generated images to add to the video.

Augie unveiled a beta version of the app in May of this year. Currently, all Augie users have access to the voice cloning feature.

Source: The Verge