Google is working on Gemini, the next-generation AI model that can combine conversational text with image generation. The company has involved key members of the DeepMind and Google Brain team for this purpose, and the product will see the light of day already this fall.

With Gemini, Google hopes to outpace competitors that have focused primarily on their large language models. Google Gemini could combine conversational text capabilities with AI image generation, making it suitable for more general use.

Gemini could not only generate text like ChatGPT, but also generate contextual images. In the future, it can be used to analyze charts, create graphics with text descriptions and control software with text or voice commands.

Google also reportedly uses YouTube videos to train Gemini. Models trained for YouTube can provide advice based on video content, such as helping mechanics diagnose a problem based on car repair videos. Using YouTube video content can also help Google develop text-to-video software.

Google may integrate Gemini into its suite of products and services, such as Bard, Google Docs or Slides.

Source: Android Authority