OpenAI has finally released an enterprise version of ChatGPT that focuses on better protecting business data. More and more companies are considering using the platform, but many are concerned about the privacy and security involved.

OpenAI noted in a blog post that ChatGPT Enterprise offers better security and privacy, unlimited high-speed access to GPT-4, and more powerful data analytics. All this for companies to understand information much faster and the ability to ask more complex questions to ChatGPT.

Privacy and security have been a concern for companies, who fear their data could be used to train ChatGPT and worry that using the tool could inadvertently expose sensitive customer information to AI models. OpenAI said that ChatGPT Enterprise users have control and ownership over their data, which is not used at all to train GPT.

Other features such as customizing ChatGPT’s enterprise data insights and even more advanced analytics tools are coming soon. For smaller businesses, OpenAI also plans ChatGPT Enterprise with more flexible pricing options.

Source: The Verge