Google has been working on various generative AI tools for months. One of the latest tools is now available for beta users of the smartphone keyboard app Gboard and will help you correct grammar mistakes.

The new feature Proofread was discovered on a Google Pixel smartphone with Gboard beta version 13.4 installed.

When the feature is activated, the user is greeted with a pop-up window that explains how proofing works. As the name suggests, Proofread processes everything you type, detects spelling and grammar errors, and offers suggestions for corrections. You can also use the “Correct” button to automatically correct errors.

If you use Grammarly to write, this all probably sounds pretty familiar. This tool is essentially Google’s version of Grammarly built for Gboard. It is important to note that the pop-up mentioned earlier warns that your text is being sent to Google for processing.

It is not known when Google will release this feature to the general public.

Source: Android Authority