Ghostwriter, the anonymous author who created a new song using the voice of artist Drake and artificial intelligence, has released another track – this time it features the voices of Travis Scott and 21 Savage. The song posted on TikTok is titled “Whiplash”. Drake’s “Heart on My Sleeve” is nominated for two Grammy Awards by Ghostwriter.

“The future of music is here. Artists now have the opportunity to let their voice work for them without lifting a finger,” reads Ghostwriter’s message. “It’s clear that people want this song. Message me on Instagram if you’re interested in releasing this record or if you want me to remove this post.” Ghostwriter adds that if Travis Scott and 21 Savage agree to release the song, Ghostwriter will direct the royalties to them.

In addition to releasing a new AI-produced single, Ghostwriter is submitting the Drake-voiced “Heart on My Sleeve” to the Grammy Awards in two categories: Rap Song of the Year and Song of the Year, according to The New York Times.

Source: The Verge