OpenAI updated the ChatGPT chatbot with new features, which can now read the answers to your questions in a relatively natural voice. Other competing artificial intelligence assistants do not currently have this feature. Plus, you can use your voice to ask questions and chat like you used to with text.

Essentially, ChatGPT is now a natural-sounding virtual assistant that can read bedtime stories and answer your questions in a soothing, natural tone.

According to OpenAI, the help of actors has been used to create the voice of the assistant. In addition to voice, you can now take and upload photos and ask questions about them. The new artificial branch function recognizes the object in the photo and if there are several objects in the photo, you can circle the object you are interested in.

You must be a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise member to access these new features. The price of the service starts at $20 per month and you have to queue up to get new features. The update should be rolling out in the next few weeks.

Source: OpenAI