ChatGPT is no longer stuck in its updated database until 2021, but can also search for answers in real time while surfing the Internet. The new feature, based on the Microsoft Bing search engine, is already available for paid Plus and Enterprise users, but will soon be available for everybody.

So far, the artificial intelligence’s responses have been limited by its knowledge base, which only included data up to September 2021. With the ability to access the entire web, ChatGPT can better assist users with tasks such as buying a car, planning vacations, technical research, and more.

According to OpenAI, browsing is now available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users and will soon expand to all users. To enable this, users must select Browse with Bing in the menu under GPT-4. ChatGPT notifies users when it uses the internet and also provides citation links to responses.

In addition, OpenAI notes that the new browsing feature allows websites to control how ChatGPT can interact with them. When ChatGPT Plus users had internet access in the past, some of them used this feature to bypass paid versions of websites. As a result, ChatGPT internet access was withdrawn in July. Now, OpenAI has managed to fix the problem with this latest update.

Source: Android Authority