Google will spice up its virtual assistant with artificial intelligence in the near future. The product will be called “Assistant with Bard” and will soon be available to testers. The new feature will be made available to everyone in the coming months.

You can use voice, text and images to communicate with Bard. It will be available for both Android and iOS in the coming months. Google also integrates it into its services like Gmail and Google Docs.

Devices on the Android platform can, for example, feed the Bard assistant a picture of a cute dog and ask Bard to write a social media post about it for you. This makes it possible for the first time to use a conversational AI user interface on an Android device in the form of Bard.

Google has yet to reveal more details about how “Assistant with Bard” works and what it can do. It’s also unclear whether the company plans to phase out the current Google Assistant or whether it will simply work with the Bard Assistant in the future.

Source: Google