Adobe introduced Project Fast Fill, a new generative editing feature that lets you easily add or remove objects in videos using artificial intelligence. Project Fast Fill is able to change the clothing accessories of moving people or remove tourists from the background of the landscape.

Fast Fill works similar to Google Photo Editor, where you can reposition people or objects, but with Adbobe, you’re processing a moving image. Fast Fill lets you do things that the company’s other editor, Project Stardust, does with photos, like change colors just by entering a text prompt. According to Adobe, these generative AI features are made possible by updated Firefly AI models.

Adobe is also working on its AI editing technology for video, audio and 3D design in other ways. Project Dub Dub Dub can translate voices into different languages. Editing a scene can move objects to a new location in another clip. Res Up uses diffusion to sample lo-res video. Project Poseable can create 3D renderings using text input.

Source: The Verge