With the explosion of generative AI, Google began requiring Android apps to include an option to report offensive AI-generated content and follow new moderation rules about what AI content is acceptable.

Apps using AI-generated content must include a button to flag or report offensive material under Play Store rules early next year. Users must be able to rate AI-generated content without leaving the app.

According to Google, the new content policy covers AI chatbots, AI-generated image apps, and apps that use artificial intelligence to create voice or video content from real people. The new rules do not apply to apps that host AI-generated content, apps that only use AI to summarize material such as books, and productivity apps that use AI as a feature.

Examples of problematic AI content for Google include deep spoofs of sexual material, recordings of real people created as a scam, false or deceptive election content and the creation of malicious code.

Source: The Verge