Last week, Samsung introduced Galaxy AI, a new all-in-one artificial intelligence that will come to the company’s smartphones early next year. Samsung uses both in-device and cloud-based artificial intelligence processing for Galaxy AI.

According to the company, the Galaxy AI assistant is not similar to Bixby. “It’s much smarter and enables barrier-free communication, simplified productivity and unlimited creativity,” says Samsung.

The company has given a small example of how it will make translations easier for upcoming Samsung phones. Galaxy AI acts as a personal translator for users during calls as it is integrated into the natural calling function, removing the hassle of using third-party apps.

“Audio and text translations appear in real-time as you speak, making calling someone who speaks another language as easy as turning on subtitles while streaming,” Samsung writes in a blog post. The processing of this AI real-time translation call feature takes place on the device, ensuring that your private calls never leave your phone.

Source: Android Authority