OpenAI’s board fired company founder and CEO Sam Altman on Friday last week. Former Twitch executive Emmett Shear was hired as the new CEO. In the meantime, Mira Murat became the head of the company, who allegedly planned to invite Altman back to OpenAI.

Microsoft, a major OpenAI investor, is reportedly interested in bringing Sam Altman back to work. He is also supported by many company employees.

Emmett Shear is best known as the CEO of Twitch. He stepped down in March 2023 after turning Twitch into one of the most popular video streaming platforms. Shear was chosen by OpenAI’s board because he “seemed to understand the existential threats that AI poses.”

According to journalist Kara Swisher, interim CEO Mira Murat wanted to bring back both Altman and recently resigned company president Greg Brockman. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was also present at those talks, supporting Altman’s return.

OpenAI investors and key company employees called on the board to recall and reinstate Altman.

Source: Android Authority