Microsoft is integrating Be My AI, a digital assistance tool on its customer support page for people with disabilities, which allows visually impaired users to solve technical problems, such as updating software, without the help of a call center agent. The tool has been developed in cooperation with the company Be My Eyes.

After testing the tool earlier this year, developer Be My Eyes said the tool resolved inquiries in an average of four minutes, less than half the average time it takes to speak with human agents. Additionally, only 10 percent chose to speak with a customer service representative after interacting with an AI tool.

Be My AI uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 vision model to generate descriptions of a human-taken photo, such as instructions for setting up a new computer. Through AI-powered natural language conversations, the tool also provides contextual advice-based guidance to help users solve various problems.

According to Be My Eyes CEO Mike Buckley, its AI tool is being tested with other companies, including Sony, Procter & Gamble and Hilton.

Source: The Verge