McDonald’s and Google signed a multi-year global partnership agreement that will allow the restaurant to use Google Cloud artificial intelligence technologies to advance its business. According to a representative of the fast food chain, Google’s technology enables to accelerate innovation and provide better experiences for customers and employees.

Starting in 2024, hardware and software will be upgraded in thousands of restaurants, including the company’s self-service kiosks and mobile app. The goal is to analyze huge volumes of data with Google’s artificial intelligence to further improve its service.

According to a McDonald’s representative, its restaurants can use cloud-based software applications as well as their own software and artificial intelligence solutions on-premise when needed. Google’s artificial intelligence also helps McDonald’s gain new insights into how equipment works and implement solutions that reduce business disruptions.

Wendy’s, a restaurant chain, has previously approached Google, wanting to use Google’s large language model to change the drive-in experience.

Source: Android Authority