Google brings a new artificial intelligence model, Gemini Pro, to developers and businesses. Initially, the interested parties can try it for free, but even after the end of this period, using Gemini Pro is cheaper than the OpenAI service GPT-4.

Developers and businesses can start using the Gemini Pro version right away to create their own personal AI assistants. The Gemini Pro is said to be able to receive and output text, while the Gemini Pro Vision can receive text and images but only outputs text. It also supports 38 languages ​​including English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Japanese, Spanish and more.

According to Google, the Gemini version has a 32K context window, but larger ones are allowed in the future. The company also adds that Gemini Pro and Pro Vision are free to use through Google AI Studio, and Python, Android (Kotlin), Node.js, Swift and JavaScript are all supported.

Gemini Pro has two packages: free for everyone and paid. The free version is limited to 60 queries per minute (QPM), while the second option starts at 60 QPM. Once you reach the payment threshold, Google charges an input fee of $0.00025 per 1000 characters or $0.0025 per image and an output fee of $0.0005 per 1000 characters.

In comparison, OpenAI uses a token system with an input cost of $0.03 per 1000 tokens and $0.06 per 1000 tokens. OpenAI claims that one character is about four characters, so 1000 characters would be about 250 characters. Which means 1000 characters is about 4000 characters. Using the OpenAI standard, this means that Gemini Pro charges about $0.001/1,000 tokens for inputs and $0.002/1,000 tokens for outputs. You can see from the table below that the Gemini Pro is actually priced similarly to the GPT-3 Turbo.

Source: Android Authority