Samsung demos the Ballie robot again at the electronics fair CES 2024, now the robot has a projector attached to it. A new feature of the round Ballie robot is that it can display things on the floor, wall or ceiling while following you around the house.

The video below shows Ballie doing a bunch of clever projection tricks, including playing a video of a bird for the dog to watch, projecting a video call on the wall, and showing. Also showing the training video to the person exercising.

Samsung noted in a press email that the Ballie can automatically adjust projection depending on how far it is from the wall and what your lighting conditions are. According to the company, it is the world’s first projector that automatically detects people’s posture and face angle and adjusts the optimal projection angle.

In the video, the robot also acted as a smart home assistant, turning on lights and giving dog food, and texting someone to tell them what it was doing. According to the press release, Ballie can control air conditioners, lights, washing machines and more. Ballie can also follow you around the house and greet you when you come in the door. At the end of the video, Ballie filled the ceiling above the bed with a cosmic scene.

Source: The Verge