This week, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S24 series smartphones, the main innovation of which compared to the previous generation is several interesting cloud-based and in-device artificial intelligence Galaxy AI functions.

Galaxy AI includes a variety of technologies, from Note Assist summaries, browsing help page translations, real-time phone conversation translation and various image and video editing tools. The good news for potential buyers is that these features are available on both the $799 Galaxy S24 and the $1,299 Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Chat Assist and Circle to Search are two AI features you probably use every day. Circle to Search will be familiar if you’ve used Google Lens on the Pixel. It is essentially the same function. Long press the home button, circle whatever you want to search on the screen (including text), and you’ll be presented with a list of relevant search results.

Chat Assist is where the Galaxy S24 truly lives up to the latest AI trends. Built into Samsung’s keyboard, Chat Assist adds AI tools for spelling and grammar, writing style conversion, and conversation translation to essentially every app on your phone. It does a grammar check as you type, allowing you to correct and rework entire sentences and paragraphs before sending. As someone who wastes way too much time rewording email replies, AI work is a real win.

The Live Translate feature allows you to make an English speech to, for example, a Thai citizen. You speak in English, and the other party hears your speech in the local language. His answer in Thai will reach your phone already in English.

Source: Android Authority