Amazon is testing a new artificial intelligence feature in its iOS and Android mobile apps that will allow customers to ask specific questions about products. An AI tool can help you figure out exactly how big a new shelf is, determine how long your battery will last or even write you a Christmas carol about snow boots.

The new feature is intended for more practical applications, but the tool is also happy to answer more colorful queries, answering the same questions people occasionally ask AI chatbots when they’re bored.

According to Amazon, the new AI assistant is still in the experimental stage. The company added that it cannot have conversations or answer questions unrelated to the product. For example, on the snowshoe product page, an attempt was made to ask the AI ​​tool for a hummus recipe, but it replied that no generative AI answer was available. AI does speculate whether Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wears boots, but only if you ask in the context of the item.

Amazon has rolled out a number of AI features in its retail division in recent months. It now uses large language models to generate product review summaries, identify fake reviews, and recommend clothing size options to customers.

Source: The Verge