OpenAI announced a new memory feature for its artificial intelligence assistant ChatGPT, which can now remember the context and details of conversations. ChatGPT can automatically remember the content of the conversation or the user can specify a specific thing that the AI ​​should remember. Users can turn off the memory feature or use temporary chats without memory.

One of the downsides of artificial branch helpers is that you have to specify what you need in each new thread at the moment. Although ChatGPT remembers the contexts of one conversation, it does not carry over to other conversations. OpenAI now gives ChatGPT a memory capability, letting it remember things if it wants to.

ChatGPT’s memory feature is currently available for free to a small number of ChatGPT users and ChatGPT Plus users.

OpenAI emphasizes that user-provided content to ChatGPT, including memories, can be used to improve its models for everyone. Users can turn this off through data controls. ChatGPT team and corporate client content will not be used for artificial intelligence training.

Source: Android Authority