OpenAI is reportedly working on a new artificial intelligence program that will automate even more complex tasks than before. Namely, the new program can take over the client’s computer to transfer data from a document to a spreadsheet, fill out expense reports and enter them into the accounting software. The new invention can also handle research-oriented web-based tasks, such as creating routes and booking airline tickets.

OpenAI, which started the artificial intelligence race, appears to be looking to capitalize on its lead over other tech companies with new products that could further automate human tasks and same time, unfortunately, put some people out of work as a side effect.

OpenAI’s first new product can be used to automate complex operations by taking over a customer’s device. For example, the report mentions that a ChatGPT agent can transfer data from a document to a spreadsheet or fill out expense reports and enter them into accounting software. These complex queries typically involve mouse clicks, cursor movements, text input, and other tasks that people perform when working with data in multiple applications.

This agent requires user permission to run as it essentially takes over the device. Files associated with running agents may also need to be stored on the user’s device, and OpenAI may also require users’ permission to train the AI ​​bot with personal data.

Another class of AI agents is said to handle web-based tasks such as gathering public data about businesses, creating itineraries or booking airline tickets.

It’s unclear when OpenAI plans to release these agent products, but they’ve reportedly been in development for over a year.

Source: Android Authority