Last week, Deutsche Telekom unveiled a new concept phone that relies entirely on artificial intelligence.
According to the company, this experimental device will have an app-less interface.

Deutsche Telekom’s device handles all user needs using artificial intelligence instead of apps. The idea behind this device stems from what the company believes could be the possible future of smartphones. “In 5-10 years, none of us will use apps anymore,” said Tim Hoettges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom.

Some use cases for such a device include providing prompts and getting generated recommendations for travel, food, or product purchases. Or you can take a picture and ask the AI ​​to send the photo to friends and family.

Deutsche Telekom developed the artificial intelligence phone in cooperation with Qualcomm and Brain.AI. Brain.AI already has an iOS app that claims to do the same thing this phone does. However, most of the reviews this app has received are negative.

Source: Android Authority