GE Appliances has added a new feature to its smart ovens, Cookcam AI, which uses artificial intelligence to detect food placed in the oven and automatically selects the best temperature and time to cook it. The feature will be added to GE Profile and Café ovens equipped with cameras via an over-the-air software update.

Cookcam AI works with Precision Cooking, which is already a feature of most connected GE Appliances ovens, including Monogram, Café, GE Profile and GE models. Precision cooking mode enables guided cooking by teaching you how to set the appliance correctly for your dish using the oven’s touchscreen or the GE SmartHQ app. With Cookcam AI you don’t have to search for the right mode, it does it for you.

“When the food is placed in the oven and the door is closed, the camera takes pictures of the oven cavity and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and identify the food,” the company said in a press release. The oven then displays the recommended precision cooking mode on the LCD touch screen. The oven then automatically monitors the progress of the food.

Initially, Cookcam AI only works for five dishes – turkey, biscuits, pizza, cakes and brownies. “We’re just getting started and look forward to introducing more food types in the future,” said Rachael Schwartz, managing director of product management and built-in cooking at GE Appliances.

Source: The Verge