Apple acquired DarwinAI, a Canadian artificial intelligence startup that specializes in building smaller, faster AI systems. This could be a step towards in-device AI capabilities for future Apple products.

Dozens of former DarwinAI employees have joined Apple’s AI team, including AI researcher Alexander Wong.

Apple usually stays tight-lipped about its acquisitions, saying simply that it “occasionally buys smaller technology companies.” However, the move could be the first big sign that Apple wants to integrate in-device AI features into future iPhones and Macs.

In-device AI processing offers significant benefits in terms of privacy and functionality. Local computing can minimize sending sensitive user information to the cloud, increasing user privacy. In addition, in-device AI allows users to access AI functions even without an internet connection, not to mention potentially reduced processing costs for frequently used functions.

Apple is expected to reveal a significant number of AI-powered features for iOS 18 at WWDC in June. These can include improved Siri, AI-powered features in Messages, iWork, Apple Music and more.

Source: Android Authority