According to a study by Counterpoint Research, the marketshare of smartphones with artificial intelligence will reach 11 percent of all shipments by 2024 and 43 percent by 2027, which means a fourfold increase compared to this year.

Samsung is currently the number one smartphone maker with artificial intelligence, but Apple will overtake it next year, according to a report by a research firm. Among chipmakers, Qualcomm leads the artificial intelligence device market, capturing almost half of the market. It is followed by MediaTek with a 13 percent share.

Counterpoint Research defines a GenAI smartphone as a mobile device that uses large-scale pre-trained generative artificial intelligence models to create original content or perform context-sensitive tasks.

“To date, more than 10 OEMs have launched over 30 GenAI-enabled smartphones. AI in smartphones has been the talk of the town since the beginning of this year, especially after the successful debut of the Galaxy S24 series, where Samsung has gained a good market share in early AI use cases,” noted the research firm’s research director Tarun Pathak.

“Apart from Samsung, Apple’s expected entry into the space will further contribute to the segment’s growth. We expect AI to become a key feature in all mid-range and higher-end smartphones from 2025 onwards, following Apple’s entry into the market.”

Source: Counterpoint