According to rumors, OpenAI may unveil a new search engine on May 9. The domain name was recently registered. This new search product may focus on providing quick answers based on artificial intelligence.

A Reddit user noticed the creation of SSL certificates for the domain. Also found was a tweet from the AI ​​Podcast with the content “Search (dot) ChatGPT (dot) com May 9th”, hinting at a possible release date. The said subdomain now displays a cryptic “Not Found” message instead of the usual “404 error” message, adding further fuel to the speculation.

The idea of ​​launching an OpenAI search engine would make strategic sense. Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, has so far been unable to shake the dominance of Google search through Bing. A few months ago, The Information reported that OpenAI had developed a web search product powered in part by Bing.

These recent developments indicate that this product is close to being launched. From what have gathered so far, this new ChatGPT-based search product could offer AI-driven summaries and quick results, similar to Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Source: Android Authority