Last week the smart artificial device Rabbit R1 was announced, which managed to collect even worse reviews than the previously announced Humane AI Pin. Furthermore, it was discovered that R1 is basically an Android app in a box.

The first report by Android Authority mentioned that the R1 launcher is intended to be pre-installed in the firmware and will be granted several privileged system-level permissions. In fact, R1’s startup settings do not require these permissions. In fact, none of the system-level permissions requested by the R1 launcher are required at all for the application to perform its basic functions.

To prove this, the online magazine Rabbit R1 got the launcher working again and launched it on a non-hacked Android device Xiaomi 13T Pro. It was possible to go through the entire setup process as if the 13T Pro was an actual Rabbit R1. Afterwards, it was possible to talk to ChatGPT, use Vision to detect objects, play music from Spotify and even record voice notes.

The video attached to the story shows that all the main functions offered by the Rabbit R1 work as an Android or even iOS app. The only functions that do not work are not related to the main function of the product.

Source: Android Authority