Google will soon give its search engine a major artificial intelligence overhaul. It will include new features such as multi-level reasoning and planning capabilities. A user can ask complex questions and Google search breaks them down to find answers. In the near future, the search will also understand video queries and help plan cooking and trips.

Google has begun integrating generative AI into its search engine. It started with the Search Generative Experience (SGE) initiative, and this week the company announced significant progress in integrating artificial intelligence into its core search functions.

First, Google announced the introduction of multilevel thinking capabilities in Google Search. This means you can ask complex questions that involve multiple steps or sub-questions and Google Search will break them down, solve them in the right order and provide answers in seconds.

At the event, Google introduced the feature with a complex query: finding the best gyms in a user’s neighborhood, within walking distance of their home and introductory offers for new customers.

Google Search was able to understand the different parts of this question, process them simultaneously and provide relevant recommendations. These enhanced reasoning capabilities will be rolled out as part of the revamped AI Reviews feature, starting with English-language queries in the US.

Another exciting addition is the ability to ask questions using video directly in Google Search. Google showed a demo in which a user filmed a record player with their phone’s camera and asked why it wasn’t working.

Based on a video and voice command, Google Search identified the turntable model and provided AI-generated recommendations to fix the problem. This feature will soon be available for US users using English search, with plans to expand to other regions in the future.

Google has also added AI-powered planning tools to search, designed to help with tasks like meal planning and vacation planning. Users can enter queries like “make a 3-day meal plan for a group that’s easy to prepare” and the AI ​​will generate a starting point with recipe options. These planning tools, currently available in Search Labs for English users in the US, will expand later this year with more categories and customization options.

In addition, Google is introducing an AI-organized results page to improve the idea generation process. When searching for inspiration on a variety of topics, such as celebrating an anniversary, users are presented with a more streamlined page that categorizes relevant results under AI-generated headings. This feature will initially focus on dining and recipes.

Source: Android Authority