Apple is reportedly planning to launch a new version of the Photos app with generative AI editing tools later this year. According to information from AppleInsider, new artificial intelligence tools in Apple’s Photos app offer Photoshop-level editing capabilities.

Ahead of last week’s iPad launch, Apple’s logo suddenly became interactive on its website, allowing users to erase it with the mouse. The publication says this could be a teaser for future AI editing tools.

Apple is believed to be rolling out its new AI editing features in the Photos app later this year. The app is available on many Apple products, including MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. However, it is still unclear if the editing tools will come to all platforms.

One of the new AI features that is said to be coming to the Photos app is called “Clean Up”. AppleInsider says that it will be available in the edit menu of the new version of the Photos app, along with the existing adjustment, filter and crop options. It essentially replaces Apple’s retouching tool and is expected to allow users to remove large and small objects from photos.

“Users can use the brush to select an area of ​​the photo and remove specific objects from the image. In internal versions of the app, testers can also adjust the size of the brush to allow easier removal of smaller or larger objects,” writes AppleInsider.

Source: Android Authority