Apple has created a secret lab in Zurich dedicated to AI research, which has a number of employees among others
Google artificial intelligence experts. The goal is to develop new AI models and products that can better compete in the market.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple is calling its new research lab in Zurich the Vision Lab. The tech giant seems to be aiming to build a team that can develop new AI models and products that can better compete with competitors.

The report mentions that Apple has so far managed to attract at least 36 specialists from Google since 2018. These ex-Googlers include John Giannandrea, who previously ran Google Brain, which has since merged with DeepMind. Another notable figure is Samy Bengio, who was one of Google’s top AI researchers. Ruoming Pang, who led Google’s AI speech recognition research, also fell into Apple’s recruiters’ net.

In addition to hiring, Apple has also been on an acquisition spree, acquiring about two dozen startups over the past decade, one of which was Ruslan Salakhutdinov’s Perceptual Machines.

According to Salakhutdinov, Apple’s slow adoption of artificial intelligence was due to concerns about LLM’s tendency to provide incorrect or problematic answers. “I think they’re just a little more cautious because they can’t issue something they can’t fully control,” Salakhutdinov said.

Although it is not known when Apple will launch AI products, it is believed that we will get a glimpse of them as soon as WWDC 2024. CEO Tim Cook also revealed at the annual shareholder meeting that more news about the company’s AI features will be released this year.

Source: Android Authority